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Page history last edited by Richard Phillips 12 years, 1 month ago

 Welcome to my 6mm Wargaming Site

I haven't been updating this site due to various reasons. But since attending 'Crisis Point 2012' I have decided to resurrect this site as well as my 'Little Soldiers' Blog http://littlesoldiers-cardophillipo.blogspot.co.uk/ to document my 6mm wargaming projects. I recently bought over 2000 second hand 6mm modern vehicles from a friend and have the daunting task of sorting through them all, repainting and rebasing. I will be starting with forces for our Cold War Commander MegaGame 'Arctic Strike 2013' a fictional invasion of Fortress Norway by Warsaw Pact forces set in July 1991. The game will take place in April 2013 in Dungworth near Sheffield and we plan to have about 20 players on 4 large tables plus a 'Shipwreck' modern naval game running at the same time with results affecting the main game.



Crisis Point 2012 held at Dungworth nr Sheffield April 2012)




Project One!

  • Terrain for 'Arctic Strike 2013' to include Bodo airport and military airbase, Bodo docks, E6 highway, Norwegian Fjords, Skibotn Observatory and lots of trees! 


Project Two! 


Project Three!

  • Ultra Modern forces for a fictitious campaign set in and around the Middle East inspired by the book "Total War 2006".
  • Terrain boards and buildings.  

     Desert Highway      Info on how I built my Desert Highway

     Power Lines           Simple Power Line Pylons made from 4mm tile spacers

     Saudi Arabian Armed Forces      Saudi Arabian National Guard Units and RSLF Units for Fictitious Middle East Campaign

     United Arab Emirates                United Arab Emirates Armoured Brigade for Fictitious Middle East Campaign

     Omani CWC Army List


Project Four! 

  • Inspired by a discussion on Cold War Commander forum and the new lists from Mark Bevis at Micromark I plan to start an Invasion of Cyprus 1974 project. 




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